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Honey Bees and Butterflies and Honeyvine Milkweed

My yard isn’t swarming with honey bees, but then this is the first time I’ve let this little vine hang around long enough to bloom. This is the vine I where I found the little snake last year. Mom doesn’t like … Continue reading

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The Sweet Smell of Autumn is Here

If I were to create a fragrance of my own, it would absolutely evoke the intoxicating scent of Sweet Autumn Clematis. I’m compelled to take pictures of them. Here’s what I shot last year, and here’s my first post about … Continue reading

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Sweet Autumn Clematis 2011

One day there is a tangle of vines peeking over the fence and the next day the sweetest aroma fills the air and the vines are sprayed in white. These star-like blooms are about an inch across but the little … Continue reading

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A Vine By Any Name Is Just As Thorny

Catbrier, greenbrier, smilax… No matter what you call it, this is one thorny vine. I found this particular sprout, about 4 feet long, while I was taking pictures of grasshoppers recently. It’s a deceptively pretty vine with heart-shaped mottled green … Continue reading

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Grasshoppers in My Garden

Grasshoppers are hard to shoot. By shoot, of course, I mean with a camera. In less than the blink of an eye they can jump or fly out of sight and the moment is gone. But last week I found … Continue reading

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Black Widow Spider… Oh My!

I found a  black spider this afternoon. No doubt about what kind of spider it is. The bright red hour glass was as plain as the nose on your face. It was standing guard over  a tightly closed container of … Continue reading

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Should I Squash These Bugs?

I found this interesting collection of bugs on a group of wild vines growing on my back fence last summer. When I was a kid my grandma told me to just leave them alone because they’re stink bugs, a name … Continue reading

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