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Hen and Chicks Spring 2017

These little succulents fascinate me. This is my second time to post pictures of them. I’m drawn to the perfect circles of petals that grow out from the center. These hens were pulled out of a crowded pot a last fall. We … Continue reading

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Hen and Chicks

Hen and Chicks love my mom’s back patio. I think this colony originally came from Grandma’s farm near Lexington, Oklahoma. (The farm was also loaded with rose rocks, the state rock of Oklahoma. But that’s a different set of photos.) … Continue reading

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Surprise! The Red Spider Lilies Are In Bloom

I enjoyed the foliage behind my fence for several years before I realized the fleeting bright spot of color just at the edge of the creek bank was a flower and not just a brightly colored falling leaf. It was … Continue reading

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The Sweet Smell of Autumn is Here

If I were to create a fragrance of my own, it would absolutely evoke the intoxicating scent of Sweet Autumn Clematis. I’m compelled to take pictures of them. Here’s what I shot last year, and here’s my first post about … Continue reading

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Yellow Rose of Cottonmouth Creek

Here’s one of my March 2012 roses. I never had roses in Oklahoma in March before. Now that we’re ten days into April there are several dozen of these yellow beauties on my scraggly little rose bush and every rose … Continue reading

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Sweet Autumn Clematis 2011

One day there is a tangle of vines peeking over the fence and the next day the sweetest aroma fills the air and the vines are sprayed in white. These star-like blooms are about an inch across but the little … Continue reading

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Moths Having Sex and Other Garden Variety Stuff

I took my camera out on the front porch before it hit 100° yesterday looking for any trace of the caterpillars I photographed last week. No luck. But the vines were teeming with these little black flying things that I … Continue reading

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