Sweet Autumn Clematis 2011

One day there is a tangle of vines peeking over the fence

Sweet Autumn Clematisand the next day the sweetest aroma fills the air and the vines are sprayed in white.

Sweet Autumn ClematisThese star-like blooms are about an inch across but the little size packs a big fragrance.

Sweet Autumn ClematisAnd they are so very, very white.

Sweet Autumn ClematisI lived here for about ten years and fought this nuisance vine every summer before I realized how wonderful they smell when they come in bloom.

Sweet Autumn Clematis Sweet Autumn Clematis is a totally appropriate name.


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5 Responses to Sweet Autumn Clematis 2011

  1. pam says:

    Gorgeous! You lucky person!

    I doubt they would be happy up here in the PNW but if they grow here I will so find a plant and give it a good home!

    • Jan says:

      Pam – it’s hardy to Zone 5, if that helps. I can certainly dig some up and send it to you. The reason it’s so invasive in my yard is the “mother vine” is just down the creek bank outside my fence and it’s about 6 inches in diameter so it pops up all over the place. I just mowed some down Wednesday, but it finally rained today so I’m sure it will be back up in a day or two.

  2. Jim says:

    Great pictures. Is there any way you can add a scratch and sniff? lol

    • Jan says:

      I wish! It’s such a relaxing scent! I caught it this afternoon while I was painting a lamp in the backyard. Makes me want to build an arbor & put a hammock under it. I could sleep out there.

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