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Asian Lady Beetle, I think

Oklahoma weather will always give you something to talk about. Tornado season was late this year. Nothing until late May and then we had two “big ones” before the month was out. A two-year drought was broken in places with … Continue reading

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The Sweet Smell of Autumn is Here

If I were to create a fragrance of my own, it would absolutely evoke the intoxicating scent of Sweet Autumn Clematis. I’m compelled to take pictures of them. Here’s what I shot last year, and here’s my first post about … Continue reading

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Sweet Autumn Clematis 2011

One day there is a tangle of vines peeking over the fence and the next day the sweetest aroma fills the air and the vines are sprayed in white. These star-like blooms are about an inch across but the little … Continue reading

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Black Widow Spider… Oh My!

I found a  black spider this afternoon. No doubt about what kind of spider it is. The bright red hour glass was as plain as the nose on your face. It was standing guard over  a tightly closed container of … Continue reading

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Should I Squash These Bugs?

I found this interesting collection of bugs on a group of wild vines growing on my back fence last summer. When I was a kid my grandma told me to just leave them alone because they’re stink bugs, a name … Continue reading

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Sweet Autumn Clematis

My backyard smells spectacular this time of year. All summer long I mow, weed eat, and pull this fast-growing invasive vine from my fence, other plants, trees, and especially my roses, to keep it from totally devouring my lawn. But … Continue reading

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