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A Skipper, a Ladybug and a Monarch Caterpillar on my Honeyvine Milkweed

Look what I found on my Honeyvine Milkweed yesterday afternoon. A skipper, a ladybug and a Monarch butterfly caterpillar! This is a Silver-spotted Skipper  He was pretty flittery, and then when I read about him I found out that is … Continue reading

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The Show-Stopping Stargazer Lily

These Stargazer Lilies bloomed in June. All the lilies in the yard have now faded except the occasional stray daylily. I think these Stargazers were an Easter gift to my mom many years ago. When the blooms faded the plant went … Continue reading

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Stunning Scarlet Lilies

These lilies bloomed in early May. The scarlet color is stunning. There are five or six in an old-fashioned concrete planter. They’ve been there a few years. They usually grow about 18–20 inches tall, but this year they barely made … Continue reading

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A Yellow Flower and a Tiny Bee

  The End Jan

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Orange Lily May 2017

For the record, these are not Tiger Lilies.   Tiger Lilies have spots on them–which is weird now that I think about it, tigers have stripes. Tiger Lilies should be called leopard lilies because leopards are the orange cats with … Continue reading

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After the Snow

As promised, here are my daffodils after the snow storm. It took a couple of days for them to stand up, but once again they are dancing sprightly. Either the snow or the cold faded the colors. It got colder … Continue reading

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A Spring Blizzard… Seriously?

Ode To Spring It snowed today Again Like yesterday And once more Snow tomorrow A harsh winter That’s what they say Colder than it’s ever been Snow like we’ve never seen Spring… it will be late But I will wait, … Continue reading

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