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And Another Black Widow!

Since it was supposed to rain today for the first time in ages I scrambled to bring summer projects indoors before they got wet. One of my projects has been to sort and collect all my son’s toys so I … Continue reading

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Monster Black Widow Mama

I replaced my camera.  Yay.  My brother David his son, also David, were in town yesterday and we went to a few pawn shops to see what we could find. We found a nice little Canon Powershot SX 120 IS … Continue reading

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Moths Having Sex and Other Garden Variety Stuff

I took my camera out on the front porch before it hit 100° yesterday looking for any trace of the caterpillars I photographed last week. No luck. But the vines were teeming with these little black flying things that I … Continue reading

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Black Widow in the Window

Black widow spiders are the deadliest spiders in North America with venom 15 times more deadly than rattlesnake venom. At least that’s what National Geographic has to say about them. I know black widows have an hour glass figure on … Continue reading

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A Teeny Tiny Tan Spider

No idea what this one is. When I googled “tiny tan spider” I found all sorts of brown spiders, but none of them were this small. This is less than 1/2 from the tip of each stretched out leg. My … Continue reading

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Black Widow Spider… Oh My!

I found a  black spider this afternoon. No doubt about what kind of spider it is. The bright red hour glass was as plain as the nose on your face. It was standing guard over  a tightly closed container of … Continue reading

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Brown Widow Spider?

This might be a brown widow spider. We’re not sure, but it’s a moot point now since I inadvertently killed it yesterday. These pictures are of the belly of the spider and the ones I posted a few days ago … Continue reading

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