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The Hungry Caterpillar

This was a huge leaf on a grapevine and this little guy has made quick work of it. But I think eating is all caterpillars do. And then they make a cocoon and become a butterfly or a moth. I … Continue reading

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Asian Lady Beetle, I think

Oklahoma weather will always give you something to talk about. Tornado season was late this year. Nothing until late May and then we had two “big ones” before the month was out. A two-year drought was broken in places with … Continue reading

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Lady Bug, Lady Bug, You Run So Fast

Lady Bug, Lady Bug, Where are your spots? This lady bug was fast!  I focused on her at the fork in the branch and look where she was by the next instant when I snapped the shutter. But where are … Continue reading

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The Rainbow Scarab

Just had to share this bright shiny bug my dog, Blue, pointed out a few days ago. Blue touched her nose to this critter and then walked away snorting. After one sniff, this is as close as she would get. … Continue reading

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What Big Brown Eyes You Have

I haven’t posted much this summer because it’s been so hot I haven’t prowled around the yard much. And when I have I’ve come up empty. All the critters must be hanging out someplace cooler. I do, however, see dragonflies … Continue reading

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Moths Having Sex and Other Garden Variety Stuff

I took my camera out on the front porch before it hit 100° yesterday looking for any trace of the caterpillars I photographed last week. No luck. But the vines were teeming with these little black flying things that I … Continue reading

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Anybody Know What Kind of Caterpillar This Is?

Breaking News: Caterpillar Identified As Eight-Spotted Forester It’s been two years, but now I know this is an Eight-Spotted Forester Caterpillar. I received a link to a post on Insects in the City with a photo and details. According to … Continue reading

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