My Camera

The camera I’m using right now is an Olympus FE-210. It’s 7.1 mega pixels with a 3x optical zoom. It has 2 macro settings which I use a lot. I avoid using the flash when I can.

Every shot is hand held so if I wiggle, even just a smidge, the focus isn’t sharp. And since I’m shooting at the highest resolution my camera offers (3072 x 2304) the shots aren’t instantaneous so, if the wind is blowing at all (it almost always is in Oklahoma), even if I don’t move, my shots aren’t in focus.

This camera is way too MS Office for me. Word and Excel assume they know what I’m trying to say or do on the page and do it for me, even if that’s not what I want to do. Then it takes an Act of Congress to figure out how to undo what the program thinks I want.

This camera is like that. It assumes I’m an idiot and can’t take pictures on my own. I do the best I can using the parameters the camera thinks I want and I usually trash half the photos I upload. But I get a few good ones and I hope you enjoy them.


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