The Show-Stopping Stargazer Lily

These Stargazer Lilies bloomed in June. All the lilies in the yard have now faded except the occasional stray daylily.

Stargazer Lily on Cottonmouth Creek

I think these Stargazers were an Easter gift to my mom many years ago. When the blooms faded the plant went into the ground and it has put on a nice show every spring since.

Stargazer Lily 1

It was planted behind the hostas and in front of a row of holly shrubs.

Stargazer Lily 2

But the hostas and the lilies are planted in each other’s spot. The hostas get too much sun and the lilies lean forward wanting more.

Stargazer Lily 3

The other day I trimmed the bottom branches of the holly and that’s where I’ll put the hostas when the weather cools off. Then I’ll move the lilies somewhere with full sun like I said a few days ago in my post Stunning Scarlet Lilies.

Stargazer Lily 4

Several articles mentioned the fragrance of these flowers, but I don’t remember them having a fragrance. I’ll make a point to check that out next year.

Stargazer Lily 5

There were a couple of warnings about these showy beauties.

First, while they make beautiful cut flowers, watch out for the pollen. Don’t get it on your hands or clothes because pollen will stain.

Stargazer Lily 7

The second warning is for your cats. The ASPCA reports the Stargazer is toxic to cats. It’s not a problem for dogs or horses or people, but can cause kidney failure in cats. There are a variety of other lilies that are toxic to cats and dogs that you might check out if your pets eat plants.

Stargazer Lily 8

I’ve had cats in the past who seemed to chomp on every leaf or blade of grass in sight. Fortunately, my Sundance cat is only interested in birds and not so much in my lilies.

Thanks for reading and checking out my photos. Let me know what you think.



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2 Responses to The Show-Stopping Stargazer Lily

  1. Tami says:

    Beautiful Jan – I especially love the shots with glistening drops on them!! I have some Stella D’oro lillies that bloom off and on for weeks and weeks. 😀

    • Jan says:

      Me too! I need to remember to give them a spritz when I get out my camera. I think all of ours need some fresh dirt on top and fertilizer.
      Thanks, Tami.

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