Teeny Tiny Starburst Blooms

This is a vine or a shrub or ground cover depending on how it’s trimmed and where you let it grow. Mid-summer, like right now, it’s covered with these starburst blooms. They’re about two or three inches in diameter and they’re made up of little bitty flowers.

Starburts Blooms 1

It starts with a cluster of little balls.

Starburst Blooms 2

And each one of those eventually bursts into a tiny flower.

Starburst Blooms 3

They’re not big and showy but they’re kind of interesting when you slow down to take a look.

Starbust Blooms 4

I thought I’d do a quick search for vine or shrub with starburst bloom and this would pop right up and I could tell you what it is.

Uh uh.

Seems like there are a lot of blooms described as starburst: lilies, lilacs, clematis, hydrangea, wisteria, daisy, honeysuckle… and lots more I recognize but can’t name. I’ll have to look again another day.

I’ve lived around this plant for years and this is the first time I noticed the blooms. I don’t know why it blooms at all since it spread like crazy through the root system.

Let me know if it looks familiar. And if anyone wants a cutting, we have plenty.





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2 Responses to Teeny Tiny Starburst Blooms

  1. Tami says:

    I’ve never seen this before but it looks like a very interesting little plant. I bet it looks lovely when there’s a big group of them bursting in bloom. 🙂

    • Jan says:

      Tami, the small flowers are really overpowered by the intensity of the greenery. And the plant is not small. I’ll try to take some pictures of some of the larger specimens we have. Mom said she first got it for a ground cover! I’m still looking for the “real” name for it.

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