Stormy Weather

Saturday, right in the middle of Memorial Day weekend, there were storms in Oklahoma. Seems like there are always storms in Oklahoma on Memorial Day weekend. I’ve spent more than one night on a cold hard cement floor in the designated storm shelter at a state park. Fortunately we always returned to a wind-blown camp site, safe and sound and ready to ski another day.

But this Memorial Day weekend I was home and I stepped outside to see how soon, or if, the storms to the south might arrive. This is the sky I saw out my backdoor.

1 Storm to the southOriginally I thought the streaks were gusts of wind rushing into the storm.

2 Storm Moving In

The sun was getting low but up in the clouds there was light for me to capture the moving sky. When I looked straight up I realized I had it backwards.

3 Storm Leading Edge

It was the front edge of the storm as it was building to the north.

4 Storm Front

It was a pretty busy sky and the clouds were moving fast.  It was just a few minutes before the leading edge was beyond the roof line and out of sight.

6 Storm tops from afar

Through the trees I could see the storms continue to grow. Those white fluffy clouds can spell disaster down below, and on TV inside there was “wall-to-wall” storm coverage on the local news stations.  A lot of campers were being advised to head for storm shelters across south central Oklahoma. The campgrounds at Turner Falls home of Oklahoma’s largest waterfalls, were full. And just to the east the same was true of campgrounds at the Lake of the Arbuckles.

5 Storm Tops

Here’s the storm report from NOAA for that day.


That cluster of black and red and blue and green in the south central part of Oklahoma is what went on beneath those white fluffy clouds.

There was a lot of rain, hail, flooding, and a couple of tornadoes so there was storm damage, but for the most part, we survived intact.

The storms continued well into the night, so the sunshine didn’t return until Sunday morning. And Sunday afternoon when I stepped out on the patio there was a double rainbow to the east.

Rainbow 1

In spite of a neighbor’s tree the entire span was visible.

Rainbow 3

I could almost follow it to the pot of gold at the end.

Rainbow 2

I really wish I had a better camera. The sky was so clear I could see the individual colors of the prism arch across the sky.

Rainbow 4

While you can look online and find thousands of Oklahoma weather pictures, it’s rare to get something interesting in the middle of town. The really good weather shots are usually taken out on the wide open plains that the winds come sweeping down. So it was fun to have just a part of this weather event put on  little show in my backyard.

What do you do when there’s stormy weather on the horizon?  Do you head for shelter or grab your camera and go out to look for it?



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4 Responses to Stormy Weather

  1. Tami says:

    That rainbow is so beautiful – what a lovely shot you got! Isn’t it amazing that the most magnificent cloud formations carry the threat of the most dangerous weather! I can remember way back when I was a kid here in Connecticut it would be a hot humid perfectly sunny day then we would see the thunderhead clouds starting to build. We were taught early on to keep an eye on the sky and know when it was time to get indoors. Of course we very very rarely see tornadoes but we do have some pretty severe thunderstorms. With technology now we really don’t need to look at the sky to assess weather threats – but I still do!! 😀

    • Jan says:

      Hey Tami!
      Yeah, we have weather forecasts out the wazoo here, radar, reflectivity, doppler, gittner (whatever that is) and all sorts of scans that tell us everything going on inside that cloud, in addition to hundreds of storm chasers keeping an eye on it. We have “weather events” with wall-to-wall coverage, which means all our local stations have preempted regular programming to bring us the weather. But when those sirens go off Oklahomans don’t run for cover, we run outside to look. We want to go see where it’s coming from and then we’ll take cover.
      Thanks for checking out my photography!

  2. swimqween says:

    When I was in Destin Florida we just got out of the ocean in a couple of minutes later when you’re back in the hotel out the balcony we saw all three rainbows!

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