Hen and Chicks Spring 2017

These little succulents fascinate me. This is my second time to post pictures of them. I’m drawn to the perfect circles of petals that grow out from the center. These hens were pulled out of a crowded pot a last fall. We didn’t have a place for them,  so I sat them in a shallow plastic frozen food container. There was just a little scrabble of dirt for them to sit in.

10 October 2016 e (2)

I moved them to a large clay pot a few months ago and this is what they look like now. They are spreading out to fill the space available. Even the little chicks are bigger than they are in the crowded pots.

Hen and Chicks May 2017 CottonmouthCreek

These are very tolerant plants. This was from January during our one ice storm this year. The plants on top of my little patio table were totally engulfed in ice.

01 January 2017 i (2)

And this is in January two weeks later.

01Jan29 2017 (e2)I like taking pictures under different light conditions. This small one below was taken at the same time as the shot above. But it’s underneath a patio table and out of the direct sunlight. The light is bright, but flat without the hard contrast of direct light.

01Jan29 2017 (2)

I’ve noticed the edges of the leaves are shaded dark red in the winter. The petals are also tighter in the winter. Maybe huddled together to stay warm.

DSCN0286(e1) (2)

The shot below was also in January. There is just a smidge of direct sunlight hitting the petals on the left. I intended to take this with natural light, but the shade was just dark enough to set off the automatic flash.  That’s OK because it lit up the petals that aren’t open yet in the center.

DSCN0293 (2)

These plants were lovingly neglected at my grandmother’s farm for years. I don’t know how many Mom has given away over the years. I think I’m going to harvest all the babies out of one of the pots and see how big one of these might get over the course of the summer if it has a pot all to itself.

Hen and Chicks May2017a (2)

Of course that means I need to find homes for all of these babies, or a good spot to put them in the yard. Two summers ago there were some in the yard and my cat liked to curl up on one patch and the dog laid on the other one.

Pets – 2, Hen and chicks – 0.

I don’t know if that will happen again, but I’ll keep you posted.



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3 Responses to Hen and Chicks Spring 2017

  1. swimqween says:


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  2. swimqween says:

    Hey, Aunt Jan when you take the baby plants Can I have one?

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    • Jan says:

      Yes, you may have a few babies. I will try to remember to bring them next time I see you. Have a pot ready, or they would probably do well in one of the flower beds by your front door.
      See you soon.

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