A Neon Green Snake-in-a-Tree

This might be a Smooth Green Snake or a Rough Green Snake.

Green Snake on CottonmouthCreek.wordpress.com

Is this snake smooth or rough?

According to Wikipedia the Smooth Green Snake has smooth dorsal scales and the Rough Green Snake has keeled dorsal scales, which evidently is rough to the touch. The smooth adult is 14 to 20 inches. The Rough Green Snake grows up to 45 inches and is very thin.

They are commonly called grass snakes and are not poisonous. They are docile, non-aggressive and rarely bite. They live in a moist habitat near water, and next door there is a small backyard garden pond right below the tangle of grapevines where this guy was hanging out.

Green grass snake on CottonmouthCreek.wordpress.com

Peek a boo!

They are bright green snakes with a lighter, yellowish belly, perfect for camouflage in the trees. They eat insects and spiders.

Next time I come across one I’ll have to touch it to see for sure if it’s rough or smooth…. or not.

It was longer than 20 inches so I think it’s the rough green snake. But but it really doesn’t matter. I just wish it ate more ants.

Anyone else have a snake-in-a-tree or maybe a snake-in-the-grass story or picture to share?


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