Baby Birds Have Flown the Coop

I’m way behind with posting my summer backyard pictures. There’s a lot going on here on the banks of Cottonmouth Creek. The cutest thing that’s gone on is a baby bird baby boom.

It all started when I hung a collection of bird houses on my porch last fall. I sold a few at the flea market and when I brought these home I hung them outside to “store” them until spring.

Birdhouse on Cottonmouth CreekTurns out Mother Nature had other plans. Other plans than me selling them. Selling the bird houses, that is.

IMG_8163.JPGSeveral months ago there was a flurry of nest-building going on around my domicile, which included little brown birds building nests in all three of the license plate bird houses. These are Bewick’s Wrens and mom and dad both tend to the nest. Two pairs of birds set up a nursery in two of the three bird houses.

IMG_8170.JPGI was unable to get a picture of mom and dad. They weren’t ones to dilly-dally on their front porch perches when there were worms to catch.


And when  the eggs hatched, the babies wanted lots of worms.

IMG_8159.JPGI only heard little bitty cheeps and squeaks for the first week, but the second week, the babies were quite vocal about their appetites. My front porch is long and narrow and the bird houses are at eye level. When the babies heard me approach they wasted no time in poking their hungry little beaks out of the opening ready to be filled.

IMG_8172.JPGWhen they realized I didn’t have anything to offer, they’d wait for mom, or dad.

IMG_8165.JPGTwo days after I took these pictures the babies, still downy, took flight. My cat Sundance was not happy about staying inside the next two days after I found four tiny birds bouncing all over the driveway.

Their flight paths were erratic and short. Lots of fluttering, and bouncing, and crashing, and a little bit of flying. After a few inches of flight they clutched the brick wall before screeching and crying and managing a few more inches.

I could hear the moms and dads singing encouragement. They must have been giving directions because all four babies began to make their way to the other end of the porch where grape vines provide cover and low branches for new flyers.

After all the babies were away from the car and the driveway I reluctantly left to run some errands. When I returned there was no sign of them. The bird houses were empty, no longer needed.

A few days later I saw one baby venture back to the bird house to peer inside before flying off again. They’re much smaller than  mom and dad—about the size of a mouse—but they’ll be full-grown in no time.

So far Sundance hasn’t brought me any feathery treasures, thank goodness. Guess if I’m going to sell any of my birdhouses, now would be the time to take them down.

I thought these bird houses were just for decorative purposes, but they were certainly a lot cuter with birds in them.

Have you had nesting birds in your yard before?  Would you like to have some? I know where you can get a bird house.



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4 Responses to Baby Birds Have Flown the Coop

  1. Extremely fascinating. It’s not easy to take the photos you did. So cute! All the photos you take are just spectacular 🙂

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