Lady Bug, Lady Bug, You Run So Fast

Lady Bug, Lady Bug,
Where are your spots?


This lady bug was fast!  I focused on her at the fork in the branch and look where she was by the next instant when I snapped the shutter.

But where are her spots?

I thought maybe lady bugs are like dalmatians and Siamese cats that are born white and then color develops as they get older, but I was wrong.

The spotless lady bug is a specific species. And in fact, there are three species of spotless lady bugs.

  • Family: Coccinellidae (Lady Beetles)
  • Subfamily: Coccinellinae
  • Genus: Cycloneda (Spotless Lady Beetles)

I determined this is a C. munda because it has light yellow-brown legs, and according to  this spotless lady bug map, that’s the species that lives in Oklahoma.

I called this a “her” because its a “lady” bug after all but I can’t tell if it’s a male or a female from this picture. Next time I see her—or him—I’ll be able to tell for sure. The male has more white on the front of his face than the female.

I saw a few pictures and videos that referred to the rare spotless ladybug.

Counting lady bugs could be a fun summer project for the kids. When they whine “I’m bored!” send them into the yard to count lady bugs. If they don’t find many, buy some lady bugs at the garden store and release them into your yard. They love to eat the tiny pests that damage the plants in your yard.

Do you see very many spotless lady bugs in your area?


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