Sundance ~ My Maine Coon Cat

The photo tip—Get it While the Gettin’s Good—in my last post applies to pets as well as to kids. I was stitching away at my sewing machine a few days ago and noticed Sundance perched at eye level right in front of me. My camera was close because I was shooting demo pix of the project I was working on so I quickly aimed it at the cat. (Thus employing another tip: Be Prepared. If you have to go get your camera your subject probably won’t be there when you return.)

SundanceAnd of course he turned his head.

I wanted to catch those gorgeous eyes head on, but it was not to be.

SundanceAll I got was these squinty eyes.

No matter how I called, clicked, clucked, or whistled, he stared right at me with squinchy eyes.

But that’s a good thing.

Did you know when cats are totally at ease and comfortable with you they’ll do that slow blink and close their eyes. It’s sort of their way of saying “I love you!” How sweet!


Here’s another shot cropped square. Check out the shallow depth of field. His eyes and forehead are sharp while his mouth is just a bit out of focus.

Which crop do you like best? Square or the classic rectangle?



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5 Responses to Sundance ~ My Maine Coon Cat

  1. On the last two, I like the rectangle best because I like seeing more of the length of Sundance’s whiskers and the longer stripes coming from the corner of his eyes. Pretty kitty!

  2. Jan says:

    Thanks Donna. I think I agree, even though I thought I would like the square crop better. I had no idea the “eye liner” stripes would lose so much in the crop.
    He is a very pretty kitty! He lurked around my house for a few months last winter and I did my best to ignore him. We had a very cold and snowy winter and finally I brought him inside. I thought he was an American long-haired tabby… but once he was inside I noticed the extra big feet, the tufted ears and did some checking and decided Maine Coon Cat fits him best.

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