And Another Black Widow!

Since it was supposed to rain today for the first time in ages I scrambled to bring summer projects indoors before they got wet. One of my projects has been to sort and collect all my son’s toys so I can donate, garage sale, eBay or still keep some of them.

Crate of CarsI’d sorted a batch of toy cars into this crate and instead of carrying the whole thing inside I decided to transfer them to a smaller container. Boy, am I glad I did! And was I ever lucky in the process.

Black Widow Plays PossumI’d pulled out most of the cars and as I grabbed another handful this little guy scurried across the slick plastic crate trying to find a place to hide. Eeek! I found a stick to move the remaining toys aside and found him crumpled at the bottom of the pile.

I did not know black widows played possum.

He stayed wadded up like that while I gently removed the remaining toys. Then I tipped the crate this way and that and he rolled from corner to corner still curled in that little ball! If I hadn’t seen him crawl away in the first place I would have thought he was dead.

He wasn’t.

Black WidowI poked him with a straw and he finally decided I wasn’t fooled and made a run for it. He could only get as far as the corner. After I shot a few pictures I went to a clear area of the patio and dumped him onto the concrete.

Black Widows are fast!  He almost got away. But I got him. Smashed him under my purple one-inch thick flip-flops. Then I smushed him around to make sure he wasn’t faking it.

Creepy! I hope they don’t move inside now that the heat has broken. When it stops misting (it still hasn’t rained at my house) I’ll resort to chemical warfare around my patio door. I think I’ll sleep better.



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