Mimosa ~ A Pleasing Pesky Tree

A lot of folks consider the Mimosa tree a nuisance, and frequently I am one of them, but it’s one I always enjoy when it leafs out each spring.

We had a Mimosa in our back yard when I was a kid and I was always fascinated with the tiny little leaves and the way they all folded up as the late afternoon turned into dusk.

And the pink spikey-fluffy flowers smelled so good.

MimosaI didn’t know it, but I might have guessed this tree is originally from China. It is pretty exotic compared to native trees without fragrant flowers and plain flat leaves that fold up at dark. It’s also called the Silk tree, maybe because of the pink silky flowers.

One reason my mom wasn’t a fan of Mimosas is a single tree can spread a ton of seed which sprouts anywhere and everywhere. These little sprouts also send a deep tap-root down very quickly. If you don’t pull it while it’s only an inch or two tall it will beat you. Sprouts taller than 4–5 inches will not give away except in the wettest soil. And if you cut it off it will sprout again and again and again, no matter how many times you mow it down or clip it off. That’s why you’ll see so many misshapen Mimosas along fence lines. At some point the mower will  miss it and before you know it you have a tree.

I took this photo earlier this summer, and although a lot of trees aren’t doing well in Oklahoma’s record-breaking summer of 2011, this one is just fine. It’s on the bank of my creek and the deep roots are keeping it healthy even in this heat.

My trusty little Olympus isn’t so trusty these days and I haven’t decided what to do about it. It’s a little point and shoot Olympus FE-210 which, according to Olympus, is now an “archived” product, which means it’s very old.

Obviously I need a camera if I’m going to post to a photo blog but it seems extravagant to replace it since I’m unemployed. However, it’s also stalled posting to Jan Made It, my creative design blog, Larrupin, my food blog and listing some stuff on eBay. In the meantime I’ll share photos from earlier excursions and see what the future holds.



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