The Hottest Month Ever ~ and random pix

How did Will Rogers put it? Something like, if you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma, wait five minutes? That’s true for the most part but July 2011 was weather of a different sort, even here in Oklahoma. Apart from the occasional thunderstorm, it was just plain hot. Not regular Oklahoma summer hot, but really, really hot.


Cait Sith loves boxes, baskets and containers of any sort.

July 2011 is officially on the books as the hottest month in history. Not just in Oklahoma, but all over the country. The average temperature for the month, which includes nighttime lows (?!) was 89°. Opening the door to let my dogs out, even first thing in the morning, let in a crazy hot blast of heat.


Cait-in-a-tray, see what I mean?

We’re dealing with it, with varying degrees of whining. I know heat is more dangerous than cold (at last count, 15 have died from heat related causes this summer), but I much prefer it to being cold. It’s been even harder on the wildlife. Mississippi Kite babies are baking in the sun; on Facebook yesterday WildCare said they had 179 baby kites they are feeding.



Grasshoppers are moving to town because there is nothing green for them to eat in the country. They’re zeroing in on the green patches of even-odd watered lawns. I had some last year, but I haven’t seen any grasshoppers this year. Now I know it’s because my lawn is brown. Already dormant. Sunday it was cloudy—which kept the temp down to a balmy 95°—and it looked like November out there. Then the sun came out and it just looked hot again.

Gray Cat

Gray Cat takes a nap

So I haven’t found much to take pictures of out there. To be fair, I haven’t spent much time looking. I found a spider web Sunday morning when I went out to get the newspaper. I found it with my face in the pre-dawn dark. It’s the kind of spider that makes a web each night and takes it down again in the morning. The web went from a tree to the antenna of my car.


Blue always keeps her eye on me.

The next morning the sky was bright, and there was no spider web in sight, but I couldn’t help flailing my arms when I walked past the car to get the newspaper. I don’t mind spiders too much, but I certainly don’t like them in my face or in my hair.

Hope you enjoyed these cool pix—pun intended—of some of my pets. It’s as wild as life gets around here this summer.


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