Anybody Know What Kind of Caterpillar This Is?

Breaking News: Caterpillar Identified As Eight-Spotted Forester

It’s been two years, but now I know this is an Eight-Spotted Forester Caterpillar. I received a link to a post on Insects in the City with a photo and details. According to the post they feed on “wild grape, Virginia creeper and Ampelopsis (pepper vine, raccoon grape, etc.)”. The one I found was chowing down on wild grape and there’s a tasty Virginia Creeper just a few feet away.

The post also had a link to the resulting eight-spotted forester moth, which answers my next question. Where did it get the name “eight-spotted” when the caterpillar has way more than eight spots.  The black moth has eight white spots… looks rather like a domino. Now that I know what to look for I’ll see if I can find a moth.

Thanks to my reader and the Texas A & M Agrilife Extension for providing this information.


Here’s the original post with my pictures.

For a couple of years a volunteer grapevine has taken hold in front of my porch. It usually goes toward the roof and I cut it back a couple of times a summer. This year I pulled the leftovers down to the porch and new growth is spreading across my screen door. Today I found two little caterpillars there.

CaterpillarAll stretched out they’re maybe two inches long and not as fat as a pencil.

At first glance it looks like a little tan twig. Up close, it’s mostly white with thin black horizontal stripes and rows of black dots. My first thought was swallowtail butterfly, but the images I found don’t match.

CaterpillarOne end is orange and the other has two big black dots that look like eyes.

CaterpillarIt’s hard to tell which end is the front, but when I moved the vine to get better light the orange end went first.

CaterpillarBut  still I don’t know what kind of moth or butterfly it will become.

Any ideas?



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5 Responses to Anybody Know What Kind of Caterpillar This Is?

  1. I’m not a moth or butterfly expert, but I love your shots, especially the last one, you can see him coming right at you! 🙂

    • Jan says:

      Thanks! I was so glad to get his face in focus! Still don’t know what kind it is. I was hoping to keep track of it as it formed a cocoon but, alas, I’ve lost track of him for now. I will be sure to post photos if I track him down again.

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