Lucy the Tortoise

These photos were gathering dust on my computer until I saw some pix of a French Tortoise on ButtonMad and I thought I ‘d share mine too. It started when I  looked out my kitchen window recently and saw this gal making her way up my driveway.

A Turtle on My DrivewayNo, I don’t actually know it’s a girl, but in the spirit of equality that’s what I’ll call her.

TurtleI always call these guys—I mean that generically, since I’ve decided she’s a she—turtles. That’s also generically speaking because it may be a tortoise… or a terrapin.

TurtleI read turtles live in the water and they have a flatter lighter shell. This kind, probably a tortoise, also spends a lot of time in the water because I see them in the creek in the spring before the poison ivy is so tall and thick I can’t see the water. Also my across-the-street-neighbor says he finds them in his fish pond in his backyard.

It might be a red-eared slider, but I didn’t get a gander at her ears. I know I have those in my creek. I also have a couple of gigantic, very old snapping turtles that live in the creek. One is about the size of a serving platter, like a Thanksgiving turkey-sized platter, and there’s another as big as a dinner plate. They have flat shells, LONG necks, dinosaur looking tails and a very large, very scary looking downward hook instead of an upper lip.

I’ve always heard if you get bitten by a snapping turtle he won’t let go until it thunders. I think that means you’ve lost your toe or finger or whatever he got ahold of.

Turtle leavingAnyway, after I shot a couple of pictures of Lucy she decided she’d had enough and took off. See the blur of speed as she propels herself forward?

Goodbye, Lucy!


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