Ladybug, Ladybug

When I bought my house in the very hot, very dry summer of 1998, Dillon and I went to Ellison Feed and Seed and bought some ladybugs. Dillon was eight at the time so it was a fun activity for him to release them into the yard.

Lady Bug

Ladybug, Ladybug

The home listing boasted ten(?!) climbing roses. I think they were planted shortly before the house was listed and I could only find eight of them. I still have five. That first summer was just too hot and they were dry too long. The previous owners moved out of state a couple of months before I bought the house.

Lady BugBut back to the ladybugs. We bought them to get rid of the aphids which were feasting on my new roses, and I am not a fan of chemicals in my yard. It must have worked, because the roses that survived that first summer don’t have aphids, and we still have ladybugs.

Lady Bug

Bye, Bye, Ladybug



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8 Responses to Ladybug, Ladybug

  1. pam says:

    You still have roses, and lady bugs AND some BEAUTIFUL pictures! This set of ladybug images is just too cool. Well done!

    • Jan says:

      Thanks Pam! I love shooting tiny little things up close! Especially something so colorful and fun as a ladybug!

  2. Sarah says:

    Beautifully caught pictures!!

  3. Jan says:

    Thanks Sarah! I was lucky there was not much wind that day, but that lady bug was on a fast track to explore every inch of that little vine so I was really happy to get a few shots in focus!

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  5. I really like these lady bug photos. Very neat approach. My son loves lady bugs, he will go crazy when I show him these. You did a nice job here. (I found your blog via Emily G).

    • Jan says:

      Thanks Martina! And thanks to Emily for the link!
      Actually I felt very lucky to get anything at all. The little lady kept quite a pace moving along that vine, literally up one side and down the other. Reminded me of the ghosts in PacMan. I just kept shooting and hoped that darned auto focus would focus on the right thing at least a few times!

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