Daylily Season is Here!

The Daylilies are here! I know they’re pretty common perennials, but I always enjoy them.


Daylily season opened May 20 at my house.

When I spied the first daylily of the season two days ago, I grabbed my camera. Seems like it would be a pretty easy task to get a good shot, but the Oklahoma wind had already bent and creased one of the petals. And as for photo condition, the wind was crazy—I only got two in-focus shots—and the bright sun washed it out just a tad.

Daylily Illustration

1885 Daylily Illustration

Tiger Lily is what I’ve called this variety and, if you’re interested in this sort of thing,  Hemerocallis fulva  is the scientific name. Seems like the official non-scientific name is the Tawny Daylily. Wikipedia says it was a 17th Century import from England. Since I am also a 17th Century import from England  I wonder if we might have traveled together.

I would love to have a matted, framed print of this illustration. I would include it with a collection of photos I’ve taken of my daylilies.

I’ll post Daylily, Day Two shortly. It was a cloudy less breezy day which made for more even lighting and sharper focus.


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