Black Widow in the Window

Black Widow Maybe?Black widow spiders are the deadliest spiders in North America with venom 15 times more deadly than rattlesnake venom. At least that’s what National Geographic has to say about them.

I know black widows have an hour glass figure on the abdomen, but I guess the young ones also have a red stripe on the back. When I googled this I found the redback spider, which is related to the black widow but only found in Australia.

Since this spider is in my bedroom window between the screen and the glass—and my bedroom is not Down Under but in Oklahoma, USA—I must conclude this is a plain ole black widow.

I took this shot with my trusty Olympus FE-210. I used the super macro setting and braced the camera  against the window frame just inches from the spider. I couldn’t use a flash through the glass, or with the super macro setting, so I lit the subject with a small flashlight.

In the background is a strip of blue sky and sections of the aluminum window frame. The fuzzy blotches and streaks  are bits and pieces of the web she spent all afternoon building. She never budged while I shot these. I’ll see if I can get a shot of her belly to confirm my identification but after that I’ll get rid of her. Even that’s sort of creepy since she’s inside the screen. She’s going to get the triple whammy: spray, smash and flush.


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