The Other Dragonfly

DragonflyHere’s the other dragonfly that wouldn’t pose for me a few days ago. Today he (or she?) let me get so close he flew into my camera when he left his perch.

I’ve done some googling, but I haven’t figured out exactly what kind of dragonfly it is. This website identifies California dragonflies and seems to offer the best chance for identification, but I couldn’t pin it down. Maybe they don’t have this kind of dragonfly in California.

I found a picture of an identical dragonfly on the government’s EPA website, but it was only identified as “Adult Dragonfly.”

I took about twenty pictures this afternoon and this was the only one with the insect in focus. My little Olympus is really into the autofocus feature and time after time the lens couldn’t find the dragonfly. I got some really sharp pictures of my grass that needs mowing. The only sign of the dragonfly was a fuzzy blur in the center of the frame. The Oklahoma breezes didn’t help much either. It just took a wisp of air to get this three-foot tall horsehair stem to sway.

I wish I had at least one digital camera with a real lens that I could manually control. I might have been able to get two pictures of him in focus instead of just one!


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