Black Widow Spider… Oh My!

Black WidowI found a  black spider this afternoon. No doubt about what kind of spider it is. The bright red hour glass was as plain as the nose on your face.

Poison IvyPoison IvyIt was standing guard over  a tightly closed container of insect killer in the garage. I didn’t need the dust, a flip flop did the job.

Poison IvyPoison IvyPoison IvyI was after the weed killer behind the web.  I had to attack the poison ivy that is enjoying this wetter than normal summer. At least I’m guessing that’s why it’s sprouting so prolifically. I tracked down about ten sprouts of the vile vine.  It’s a slightly different shade of green than the other vines and grasses growing in the yard. It just seems to jump out at me amongst the other greens.

In these shots, in addition to the leaves of three that I left be, you can see a half-dozen or more other vines prowling across the ground. Grape vines, English Ivy, vinca minor, Virginia creeper, Sweet Autumn Clematis, and who knows what else.  Now the trick will be to mow the yard without cutting these down and slinging that nasty oil all over my feet, shoes, jeans, and whatever else gets in the way.

I think there is a massive poison ivy root growing under my yard. This same area was covered with the horrid stuff when I moved into this house about 12 years ago. It was a really hot summer and my rescued schnauzer Pippi rubbed up against the fence to scratch her back. Then she came running back to me and rubbed all over me. My legs, my hands, my arms, and when I sat on the grass she rubbed up against my shoulders and nuzzled my neck and tried to lick me in the face.  Needless to say, I was coated with angry, oozing, runny, insanely itchy blisters before I realized I even had the stuff in my yard. It was not a pretty picture.

So even as spooky as the black widow spider was, it wasn’t nearly as frightening as all that poison ivy.


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