Toadstool GillsHere are some of the mushroom pictures I shot last summer during the rainy spell we had in August.  We’ve had a bout of rain again this year, partly due to Hurricane Alex, but I haven’t had nearly as many toadstools as I did last year, at least not yet.

Last year I probably had about a dozen or more all popping up overnight. This year I’ve had two in that same area and haven’t even noticed them until they were fully opened and already brown and drying out.

These are just a few of the shots I took. I was fascinated by the delicacy of the gills. I’d like to print some of these on a gigantic scale.  I think they would be quite impressive.  These are all shot with natural light late in the afternoon. On the first day they open the are very white then over the following days they become beige, yellowed and then turn brown as they age.


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