Should I Squash These Bugs?

Leaffooted BugI found this interesting collection of bugs on a group of wild vines growing on my back fence last summer. When I was a kid my grandma told me to just leave them alone because they’re stink bugs, a name they acquired for obvious reasons. I tended to leave bugs alone anyway, but I think my brothers found out first hand how bad they smell.

So no, I won’t be squashing them.

Stink BugsThey’re also known as squash bugs, and I think some of them are called potato bugs because those are the plants they are found on.

Adults stink bugs are brown or green. I don’t have a shot of a green adult, but the black bug with orange and yellow spots is the nymph stage of green stink bug. Stink Bug Nymph

The plants that have attracted these insects are twining along the chain link fence at the back of my yard. I haven’t planted any of them. I know There are grape vines, and clematis.

There is also some kind of teeny tiny green fruit marked by a teeny tiny bright yellow bloom. The leaves of that vine are somewhat like a maple leaf but smaller and much more delicate. If you have any ideas about what it might be I’m all ears. A Tiny Bloom

The sunshine yellow bloom is about 3/8″ across. the green “fruit,” for lack of a better word, is green with white speckles—kind of like a green robin’s egg—and no more than an inch long.

There are more bugs and more vines that I can’t describe.  I’ll keep an eye on them this summer and post some more pictures as things develop this summer.


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