Brown Widow Spider?

This might be a brown widow spider. We’re not sure, but it’s a moot point now since I inadvertently killed it yesterday. These pictures are of the belly of the spider and the ones I posted a few days ago are of the back.

Brown SpiderBrown Spider

Dillon, my son, first said no, it’s not a Brown Widow, but then after looking more, he said maybe. So the jury is still out.

But as to “inadvertently” killing it.

Yesterday I found two wasps in the house by the back door. I got the bug spray and sprayed inside and outside the door since I wasn’t sure where they came from. Next thing I know, the spider is dangling from a strand of web and was struggling from the poison. I couldn’t quite bring myself to just kill it outright, so picked up a twig and swept it down and away from the door.

The web was not rebuilt this morning, so if it survived, she’s moved somewhere else.


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