Lazy Circles in the Sky

There is something relaxing about watching a hawk “making lazy circles in the sky. In case you don’t recognize it, that’s a line from Oklahoma! our state song. Until we had a very boisterous thunderstorm roll through yesterday morning, the brilliant blue Oklahoma sky has been filled with hawks the last few weeks.


I don’t know why watching hawks is so fascinating to me, but if I had a hammock I could lay in the yard and watch them for hours. I’ve learned to recognize their cry and notice the smaller birds in the neighborhood quiet down when they’re on the prowl.

Yesterday morning after it stopped raining I went out for the newspaper and I found this feather in the yard. It’s about eight inches long. I don’t know for sure what kind of bird it’s from, but my guess is some kind of hawk. We have a lot of red-tailed hawks around here, and that’s a possibility, but until I hear from someone who really knows birds, it’s just a bird feather.

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