A Blue-Fronted Dancer Damselfly

I was shooting some pictures outside this afternoon and a turquoise-jade colored flying insect came to checkout the white fabric I was using as a background.

Blue-Fronted Dancer Damselfly

A Blue-Fronted Dancer Damselfly posed for me this afternoon.

I expected her to disappear with every move I made, but she kept returning so I finally pointed the camera at her. Little did I know she was probably attracted to the mosquitos that were attracted to me.

I did an internet search for dragonfly to see what I’d captured and found it’s a female blue-fronted dancer damselfly.

The male version of this damselfly will have a blue body, while the female, like this one, is more of a slate color with just a little blue underneath.

Blue-Fronted Dancer Damselfly

She left and returned several times giving me a chance to shoot a few angles.

As with all insects she has six legs but like the dragonfly, she can’t walk.

They can, however, fly in any direction.

Dragonflies and damselflies each have four guaze-like wings above a long thin body. The wings fold back when the damselfly is at rest, while a dragonfly’s wings will be held out level with the body.

This post from last September shows a dragonfly at rest.

Bllue-Fronted Dancer Damselfly

She took off just as I pressed the button, and surprisingly I got a decent shot of her in flight.

I was losing the light and with the sun behind me it burned out the image on my viewer.  I was shooting blind, pressing the button when I heard the beep of the auto focus so I wasn’t sure any of these shots would be sharp.

Several times I pressed the shutter just as she lifted off. I missed her completely a few times, but was pleased to get one shot of her in flight.


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