One Little Snail

SnailOne day last week a very fast moving thunderstorm rolled through and in a very short time uprooted and split long established trees in half. It was very small area about a mile from my house, but it brought down a dead branch from one of my maple trees.Snail

SnailThat’s where I found this little snail this afternoon. He’s (she’s?) about a half inch in diameter.

The branch broke into sections and the snail didn’t seem to notice when I repositioned the log to take advantage of the late afternoon sun. It did, however, take offense at the gusty winds. When the wind happened to hit it full on it sucked right back inside the shell for just a few seconds before the antenna peeked back out again to check the conditions.

SnailEverytime I see these guys, and there is sometimes quite a crowd on my patio, I wonder if I could eat them. I’ve had escargot (a fancy French word for snails) and liked it.  But I’m thinking of all those days on Survivor when they had nothing to eat but snails. They survivors would go to the water’s edge and find the snails attached to the rocks along the shoreline. There was no sauce, or sauteing. They just cracked the shell on the rock and then ate the snails raw.

I would eat them for a chance at a million dollars, but for now, I’ll just take pictures.


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