Last Day of Winter

Once upon a time a previous owner planted daffodils in my front yard and I love them. Spring is my favorite season, and yellow is my favorite color, so when these yellow beauties start to open I can’t help but smile.

This winter has been unseasonably snowy for Oklahoma.

We had a Christmas Eve blizzard that gave us a rare white Christmas with about a foot of snow. Then just a couple of weeks later we had more snow. This time only 6–8 inches, but the roadside piles from Christmas were still melting. There have been a few flurries since. And tomorrow we’re going to have my first first-day-of-spring snow.

I say that because my birthday is Sunday, the first full day of spring, and I’ve never had snow on my birthday. When I was in high school it snowedDaffodil on St. Patrick’s Day once, but that’s as close to a birthday snowfall that I recall. That will change this year

I really hate it when a hard freeze messes with my daffodils. The flowers will freeze and it will stop the rest of them from blooming. I don’t think that will happen with this snowstorm. The ground is warm, and the snow will provide some insulation.

It’s supposed to get down to 30° but that’s more of a mild freeze so I’m hopeful I’ll be able to enjoy these sunny blooms a few more weeks. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.


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