A Mockingbird Looks For Spring


I have a Yaupon Holly tree by my front porch that is a favorite of local mockingbirds. The thick tangle of short stiff stems and branches makes perfect cover for nests. Prior to the Ice Storm of 2007 there were at least three nests amongst the branches, but ice took about a third of the tree and only one nest remained.

This year it’s occupied by this particular bird. She’s usually perched on the topmost branches when I come and go. She faces into the rising sun in the morning when I leave for work, and when I return she’s looking toward the west.


She’s getting used to me. I park my car right under the tree and she doesn’t fly away when I come and go. I’ve put some bird seed out, but she seems to prefer finding her own meals. While the cardinals and finches keep the bird feeder busy in the backyard the seed on the front porch is untouched.

To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my favorite novels, and movies, so listening to their songs and watching them come and is on my list of favorite things.


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