Snow Day, January 29, 2010

It rained and iced yesterday, and today it snowed all day. Here are some shots of my dogs playing in the snow. Beau and Yoshi weren’t easy to shoot. Always looking away from me. Radley, however, keeps his eyes on me every waking minute, so he seemed to always be posing.

Beau, of course, is a plain ole’ beagle blend. Beau likes to stay warm. He’s always nosing his way under the covers. But he tolerates the cold when necessary.

Yoshi, is a Shiba Inu, a cold weather dog with a multi-layered thick coat of fur to handle the falling snow.

Radley, a Papillon, just likes to be where ever I am, so if I go outside he’s right at my heels. Which also makes it easier to take pictures of him. He’s always watching me to be sure he’s ready to follow if I wander off.

Someone called Animal Control when they saw Radley playing in traffic on the river bridge between Lexington and Purcell. They expected to shovel him off the roadway, but instead they found him at the Purcell Police Department licking the face of the dispatcher. They thought it was “so cute” and took it as a “thanks for saving my life” greeting, but very quickly I realized it’s OCD. This dogs licks constantly. I found him online and adopted him from the Purcell Animal Shelter.

We found Beau at the Normal Animal Shelter. His owners got rid of him because they said they had too many dogs. No idea why anyone would get rid of this dog, but I’m glad they did.

My nephew got Yoshi from what we later realized was a puppy mill. She was excruciatingly timid and fearful. I had another dog and we thought that might be good for her so I took her. She was eight months old at the time. She freaked out if I carried her into the kitchen. She shrieked and panicked when I happened to clank a lid on a pan or even rattle the silverware. She yelped if happened to touch her tail. I’ve had her five years this month and she’s got a pretty good thing going here.


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