A Waved Sphinx Moth

Green Sphynx Moth Catarpillar

Green Sphynx Moth Caterpillar

I was staring out of my office window a couple of years ago—something I frequently do when trying to come up with just the right word combination— and this green caterpillar suddenly came into focus.

It was on a butterfly bush about six feet from the window in my front yard. The caterpillar was about 3 inches long, and about as big around as my finger.

It reminded me of Caterpie, a bug-type Pokemon. It was so pretty I thought it must be a colorful butterfly.

Waved Sphinx

Uh, no.

It turned out to be a simple brown moth.

My initial research turned up a sphinx moth but it wasn’t quite that easy. Evidently sphinx is a category of moth and there are dozens of them. After further investigation I think I’ve found it to be Ceratomia undulosa, a waved sphinx larva.

When I found it I knew it looked familiar, so I scoured my photo files and—ta da— I found a picture of that very moth on my computer! How cool is that!


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