The Walnut Tree

The Good

Walnut Leaves

I love walnuts. And I’m so glad to know they are really good for me. Loaded with antioxidants. I hear it’s a good idea to eat a handful a day.

And this is a walnut tree. It’s a volunteer—as in growing from self-sown or accidentally dropped seed—that sprouted up in the middle of my backyard last month. Although I wonder if it’s really a volunteer if a squirrel planted it, which is where I’m sure it came from. But anyway, with all the rain in August this sprout got ahead of the grass and I mowed around it until I could figure out what kind of tree I had.

Mature Walnut Leaves

Mature Walnut Leaves

Evidently walnut trees don’t play well with others. There is a toxic element to them, which keeps other plants from growing under and around them. I’ll probably cut this one down when the leaves fall off in a month or two. Besides I have at least two more growing behind my fence. This one is about four feet tall already. And the new leaves come out with that pretty crimson color. As the stems get full length all the leaves turn a beautiful shade of green.

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