Frogs or Toads?

I think this is a frog.

Green Frog on my patio

I’m so glad to see this fellow!

Toads and frogs are regular visitors to my patio every night during the summer. I leave my patio light on and they come to prey on small moths other bugs that are attracted to the light.

When they stopped showing up a few weeks ago I was afraid the preyer had become the preyee and  a snake had found them. To me having frogs means I don’t have snakes—at least not too close to the house—and that is a good thing.

Making his escape.

My Green Frog escapes into the debris in the corner.

Anyway, a few nights ago one of the big toads was back, happily snapping up dinner. And about an hour ago my dog Radley found this out there. The frog sort of froze, I guess trying to avoid detection by the dog, which allowed me to get to close for this shot. She’s about 2 inches long from her nose to her tail bone.

After further investigation I think this is a Green Frog, which is the name not a description. The scientific name is Rana clamitans.

I found they average about 3-5 inches as adults, so this one, at about 2 inches, is a juvenile. They are active day and night, which explains finding her in the middle of the afternoon.


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