This Is Not a Locust



When I was a kid we called this a locust, but it’s not.

It’s a cicada.

It’s the insect that revs its engine when the weather gets hot. Here in Oklahoma in the heat of the summer they fire up by 9 am and buzz until late into the night. Speaking of buzz, I read the name comes from the Latin cicada, which means buzzer.

Birds eat these and so do my dogs. In many parts of the world people also eat them. That’s good to know if I ever get to be on Survivor. But somehow I don’t think they taste like chicken.



I’m wondering, do you eat them raw? Just pop it in your mouth? What about the wings? Are they sort of like potato chips? Would French Onion Dip help?

I always wonder about the first guy to eat something. Like who found out toadstools will kill you? And puffer fish? Why aren’t they named for the guy who died eating them raw? Maybe that sounds sexist but I don’t think it was a woman in either case. It was probably a woman who advised against it and then lived to say “I told you so.” I’d have to be pretty hungry to just chow down on one of these guys. But I might do it for a million dollars.

If you search for locust, you’ll find pictures of grasshoppers. How did those names get all tangled up? By the way, I took these pictures in my front yard in August of 2008.


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