Is this a butterfly?

Is this a butterfly or moth?

Is this a butterfly or moth?

This little guy, maybe just bigger than an inch, paid me a visit earlier this summer. It was during the day and I was sitting in a lawn chair in the backyard with my camera at the ready. It landed on my left arm, so I could get the shot with my right hand.

I think it’s a butterfly because of the way it flittered around in the sunlight and because the wings are up when it’s at rest. I don’t know if that’s a characteristic of butterflies or not but it’s my personal observation. Moths typically have their wings down when they are just hanging out.

I’ve searched all kinds of butterfly pictures to identify this guy, but so far no luck. I’m not that familiar with butterfly terminology to narrow the search. Any suggestions, or if you know what it is, let me know. I’d love to put a name to it.

Here it is again.

Here it is again.

And… here it is again! We had a family reunion at a ranch on the Red River near Marietta Oklahoma over Labor Day weekend and my niece called me over to check on some scary looking critters (red-headed centipedes which I’ll post next) and this little guy was just hanging out on the ground near the footing of the cabin. This was shot on Sept. 6 at on the Oklahoma side of the Red River near Marietta. You can see by the shadow it was late in the day.

Still no idea what it is, but to me it’s clearly the same critter.


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