Welcome to Cottonmouth Creek

I used to live in a neighborhood called Sherwood Forest on a street called Robinhood Lane in Norman, Oklahoma (home of the University of Oklahoma). A creek curves around the west side of the neighborhood and several acres of undeveloped land lie between the creek and the highway. This area is full of wildlife and so I have frequent visitors of all sorts, including possible encounters with a Cottonmouth or two. Which, by the way, is not the official name of the creek.

Photography is one of my many hobbies. I got hooked when my dad built a darkroom in our basement when I was in high school. He never went anywhere without his trusty 35mm and more than a few lenses. I inherited his darkroom equipment and cameras, but these days I never leave the house without my handy little digital.

I have thousands of images gathering the proverbial dust in my Macs so I decided it’s time to publish them. All the photos you’ll see here are mine. Feel free to link to them, but please don’t use them without written permission. And I would be more than happy to sell them if you find something you’d like for commercial use. I won’t publish every single picture I shoot, just a few, so ask if you want something similar. If you want exclusive use of an image I may have what you want.

Most of the photos have been taken in my yard. I have lots of plants, bugs, squirrels, a few birds, lizards, toads, a snake or two, spiders, moths, a really ugly caterpillar and who knows what else. This isn’t a blog about plants or wildlife so the posts will be the details of the photo not an encyclopedia entry of the object photographed. I’ll include links you can follow if you’re looking for that kind of information.

About the image at the top of the blog. It’s a plain ol’ garden variety toadstool. We’ve had an unusually wet August—for Oklahoma—and I had a batch of these pop up in the backyard. Instead of mowing them down, I took pictures of them, morning and night several days last week. I’ll share more of those shots in a future post.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ll visit often.



About Jan

I write. I cook. I take pictures. I sew. I design. I create.
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